• Pastor

    Pastor Rick Malugani serves as Fairhope Christian Church’s senior pastor having been a member for a number of years. He is a graduate of  Lexington Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree and was ordained on October 15, 2017.  He has a life history that includes many years in corporate America, running a small business and experiencing the stress of being laid off, and searching for work. He also relates to the blessing of raising a family and seeing the strength that comes from a strong relationship with God. He and his wife Ellen have been married for over 30 years, have two grown sons each of whom is married, two granddaughters and one grandson. Rick and Ellen have made Fairhope their home since 1995 and are invested in the future of this wonderful area. Pastor Rick brings an energy to the church that is contagious and is formulating a vision for Fairhope Christian Church that will lead it into the future filled with expectation and promise as a place where God is ever-present and active.

    Pastor Rick can be reached at 251-928-8495, 251-510-1915, or

  • Administrative assistant

    Lyn Fogarty joined the staff in 2014 with experience gained from 17 years in marketing and development at a local healthcare provider; four years as communications manager of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce and two years with Superb Foods (management co. for The Original Oyster House Restaurants.)

    Lyn has been married for 43 years and has two “thirty-something” daughters. One lives in Pensacola and the other resides in the San Francisco Bay area of California. She has been a member of St. James Episcopal Church since 1990 and was confirmed at St. Paul’s Episcopal, Mobile, and baptized at Ashland Place Methodist. She is a member of the Eastern Shore Art Center where she enjoys taking classes.

    Lyn is in the office Monday through Thursday, from 9 am to 2 pm.

    She can be reached at 251-928-8495 or

  • financial administrator

    Cindy Bishop has joined our staff as our financial administrator. She brings a wealth of knowledge with her having previously worked with the Eastern Shore Chamber and Beckwith Camp and Conference Center.

    She can be reached at 251-928-8495 or


  • Youth Director

    Adam Swedenburg is our youth director at Fairhope Christian Church. He joined our congregation in 2020, and he brings a lot of excitement to our youth and children’s programs. Adam’s dad attended seminary in which he got his M.Div. Degree, and Adam now has plans to follow in his fathers’ footsteps. Adam is a graduate of Liberty University in which he received his bachelor’s degree in NextGen Ministry (2021). Adam is now working on getting his M.Div. Degree from Lexington Theological Seminary. Adam brings a lot of knowledge with him because of his bachelor’s degree and because he has been around youth all of his life due to his dad.

    Adam is married to Brandi Swedenburg (2021), and they reside in Mobile, AL. Adam enjoys fighting fires and helping his community as a Volunteer Firefighter with Theodore/Dawes Fire Department. Adam’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, and keeping reptiles.

    He can be reached at 205-463-0516 or

  • church musician

    Brenda Bennett started playing for church services when she was twelve years old because the regular pianist was unexpectedly ill. By fifteen, it was her job every time the church doors were open. At eighteen, she was asked to serve as interim music director, but a few months later the church voted to ask her to serve as their regular minister of music. This was a very forward move in a Baptist church; in fact, she was the first woman she knows of to be hired as that in the Southern Baptist Convention. Brenda has taught music and/or English from second graders through college students. Both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music and English are from the University of Mobile where she enjoyed teaching (1996-2003). Because she wanted to live her life involved with the most important music and literature, she has always played, directed, or both for Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, and Lutheran churches. Honored to be serving with Fairhope Christian Church, Brenda loves what she has learned about these “Disciples of Christ.”

  • nursery attendant

    Carolyn Pernod comes to us with a passion for caring for our children. She values our young people like the wonderful creations of God they are and brings to us a sense of purpose and dedication to serve God. She is a talented artist and uses her creative skills in many ways to enhance the faith experience of all who attend Fairhope Christian Church.