Path to Peace

Path to Peace is a grassroots movement of a large number of churches on the Eastern Shore to come together and offer a response to the violence and racial discord that is affecting our communities. The church is seeking to provide concrete actions that will demonstrate our unity, our commitment and our love to each other and to God. Through dialogue, events, peaceful marches and a real getting to know one another, we hope to build a foundation of peace and unity that looks beyond race, creed, denomination and cultural contexts and sees each person as a valuable creation of our loving and devoted God. True unity comes from our belief and understanding that God is our creator, sustainer and redeemer.

Our first event was held on November 6 at the Daphne Civic Center and was attended by over 500 people all searching for a way to bridge the gaps and demonstrate love and compassion towards our neighbors.

Check out our facebook page for upcoming events and informaiton

Here are some clips from the event: